Lose your heart, but never lose your mind!

Again, it’s not the social distancing effect that made me pick this theme up. But what works during this time is affirming your faith and all that you have believed in.

I completely feel that each one of us have a beautiful and unique side that we are left to discover on our own, but with the monotonous lifestyle that we have, we tend to forget taking the way of self exploration. Here are a few simple affirming thoughts for each one of you. 

  • Never forget that there’s just one you: Don’t let anyone use your flaws, your mistakes or your darkest secrets against you. It all belongs to you. Makes you unique. What’s done is done, be fearless and accept it and never regret your mistake. Learn from it and move on to the next. Change is inevitable and so is the thought that you are in the process of learning and will soon create a new wave of success.  
  •  Learn to adapt to every situation: At every stage of life what really matters is keeping your soul positive and your mind free from circumstance. You must know your task and take the ride. You never would know what will work for you at the first instance. But if it’s made you go for it also means you’ve thought about it. Don’t plan, just go with your gut and believe in the thought of why you wished to do it in the first place.  I’ve always wanted to do everything under the sun, does that make me over ambitious? I don’t think so. It just means that I don’t want to regret later that I should have taken the chance back then. 
  • Feed your ambition with classy selfishness: I never set a benchmark of “Oh I want to be like her” (unless it was someone super stylish and pretty with a fit and positive attitude).  Set your own benchmark. Run your own path. It’s not that bad or it won’t take long. The stress, the pain and the sleeplessness will pay off with results that can make you pat your own back. Be classy, humble and stay focused. Make this your perfect goal. Your ambition needs no benchmark, create your own path and define your own goal. 
  • Failure – I know you!: Try but you are going to fail at something sometime in your life. We see a string of motivational videos of how the biggest business houses and people have collapsed and risen from unimaginable stages. I say, don’t settle. People are going to hate you, speak you low and at times you are going to be at a stage wherein you feel like relocating your self to Mars. That’s normal guys just hang in there! Accept your failure like a bad bruised knee which when it heals you are going to keep scaling it off until your skin is leveled again. 
  • You need positive people around you!: You must identify your tribe. They say “Not every one that claps for you really appreciates you” and that’s true. You must find the people who constantly motivate you and when you fail stand there to urge you to stand back on your feet. Positivity does not mean good words, it means compassion in all times. Find your compassionate side and explore the best friends you always wanted. They are all out there. They all have been through the same highs and lows like you and hence they know your story just the way you know theirs. 

And most importantly, in your each day, lose your heart, but never lose your mind. It’s like you are on a bus wherein you find stations where you fall in love, trust, heal and hurt.

But never get off the bus till you reach where you must. God has a perfect plan when he messes your time, so just be in sync with the thought and breathe in while sanitizing your mind. 

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