Social Distancing: A New Way Of Life.

Corona Virus came in like a pandemic but its here to teach us a lot more. It’s a time of self healing and improving the quality of life we have been living. Our generation has longed for ‘quality time’, but never could we accept that we too were living live’s we wanted to make but not what we were given to value.

Sharing from my own experience a few points that I’ve been introspecting on. Even though Ive been a loner for most of my life, it’s been tough time for me personally to adapt to this situation. I can imagine what the socialisers feel today. It must be chaotic and crazy. But phases like these come in like a major lifestyle upgrade. Maybe better than what you always had.

All those self healing books, counselling sessions and everything else you’ve been depending on suddenly zeroes down to your own self and mind. Agree that it’s an extremely disturbing environment that we are into, but it’s true that thanking your stars for where you are and looking at those who are unfortunate at times is a hope card that works well. 

To heal, you must give as well as be able to receive.
Heal with thoughts of your inner self and give out all that you once you felt you could not offload.

There’s a burden of emotions we have neglected over the time. Maybe this is when you vent out your emotions. At the very beginning of self isolation, Ive woken up in tears and not slept nights thinking whether the world is ending. But thats not true, infact this is the beginning of a relationship with yourself that you never had.

Never forget, dependency and understanding both may look different but are two sides of the same coin. There’s a fear in each one of us of losing someone dear, that maybe in sickness or in distance. Tough however it may look, those who stand by you in this difficult time are the keepers you always wanted. Be there for each other. Only words have the magic that gives each one of us a hope that we are always going to last these times positively.

Most importantly, remember that you are not alone in this. Everyone has a choice to make. While your into isolation make sure you don’t neglect or avoid the one’s who’ve been a part of your life. Be a receiver and an even bigger giver.

Time will change. Those who are with you today will be the people you can see by your side when you are out of your isolation. Till then, be responsible for yourself and hang in there.  Make memories and think of the beautiful times from the past that can keep you going. 

It’s all going to be beautiful again!


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